When Marijuana is legal in VT...

When Marijuana is Legal- Court Square’s Thoughts

  • There’s a good chance marijuana will soon be legal and we’ll all have to think about it. This will allow more research on its many different ingredients, some of which are already known to have medical benefits.

  • In terms of its “recreational use,” we intend to put it in the same category as alcohol- a legal substance that can be used by adults who understand laws holding us responsible for behaviors “under the influence.” This kind of social use doesn’t even always come up in therapy.

  • As with alcohol, there are people who should “never touch the stuff.” This group, in our opinion, includes ALL who have struggled with addictions of any type. Studies have shown that Cross-addiction is the norm rather than the exception, and the attitude “but I never had any trouble with that drug” concerns us and will be brought up as a therapy issue.

  • Use of marijuana will therefore be treated as “relapse,” as would alcohol use.

  • Some people use marijuana to get rid of unpleasant moods, or to have a feeling of reward and pleasure. We have therapy and support to help you look at the unpleasant mood you want to go away, and the sense of accomplishment and “reward” you want to stay. We can help you find other ways of feeling better through self-awareness and cautious treatment of co-existing problems, such as anxiety, depression, learning differences, trauma memories.

  • We will update and modify our policies as more research brings to light new ideas.

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