Services Offered:

Buprenorphine (Suboxone) Maintenance - Criteria to be accepted into my practice:

  • Recommendation (not just referral) from a Hub or other intensive treatment program.

  • 1:1 Therapy is a requirement of the program and appointments must be kept in order to continue prescriptions.  Therapy must be within this practice unless otherwise specified.

  • Eight negative urine tox screens over four week period.  “Street” Suboxone is not abstinence. Marijuana is not abstinence. 

  • A sober living situation.

  • Working people will be given preference. We do our best to accommodate work hours.

  • If on probation or parole, a recommendation from your probation officer.

Capacity Evaluations:

  • Families should know that health insurance companies rarely pay for this service unless there is a medical emergency requiring hospitalization, in which case it can sometimes be billed as an inpatient consultation. Occasionally some of the cost can be covered outpatient if the evaluation can be coupled to a legitimate treatment issue.

  • Sometimes family members pay directly for services on an hourly basis and sometimes they pay indirectly through their lawyer. Services to evaluate capacity include direct interview, history gathering, review of old records, report preparation, and occasionally court testimony.

  • Payment will be in the form of a retainer for an average number of the hours, with the balance refunded if fewer hours are needed.

  • Referral for more complex cognitive testing may be advisable in some cases. I know a number of excellent practitioners to whom I can refer, who will explain their own charges.

Disability Evaluations:

  • Treatment is a separate issue from report preparation. Treatment may be covered by insurance; extensive report preparation usually is not

  • My clinical records can be released to any agency you request, with the appropriate records release. It has been my policy simply to attach my notes to SSDI forms and send.

  • If any extensive questionnaire is required, you will be required to pay for my preparation time at my full hourly rate, in advance and usually out of pocket.

Family Systems Therapy, Open Dialogue, and Reflecting Teams:

  • In this age of “evidence-based medicine” (a malignant piece of jargon physicians are currently stuck with) I discovered the “Finnish model:” a way of approaching serious mental illness and problems with how groups and families operate that HAD OUTCOMES proving effectiveness!!

  • The method includes very gentle questioning about the problems and the use of a reflecting team (LINK) (which consults to the family/support network). The structure allows each person involved to concentrate on listening instead of spending too much time thinking about a response. The session is not so much for problem-solving as a chance to “plant a seed of a new idea” into a family dialogue that has become repetitive and “set in stone.”

  • I am in the middle of training and high-level supervision on using this approach. I am enjoying it very much. It is, however, a stretch for me after years of different training and habits, to refrain from too much interpretation and advice-giving.

  • Our volunteer families so far have left wondering “what was that for?”- but then it grows on them that “something” did subtly change in their family narrative.

  • We are developing a way to “Skype-in” far away family members to join network meetings here.