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Adult Psychotherapy


Tomás Browne, M.S

"Over the years I have worked residential, psychiatric inpatient, crisis, and individual psychotherapy positions. These jobs have allowed me to be with people in some very dark places, often because some situation in their life has come to a crossroads. I believe that therapy is a chance to revise something that is troubling, often because an old way of doing things has been outgrown and is no longer sustainable. By making contact with old beliefs and experiences we can update our patterns of thinking and feeling allowing us to move through even the worst of spaces."

C. Bela Schug, M.A., LCMHC

"Anxiety, depression, trauma, identity issues, relationship problems and other challenges to our mental health can put a drag on our ability to move forward in our lives, to make progress towards our goals, to care for our loved ones, or even just to enjoy life and relax. It’s frustrating, confusing and can make you feel helpless or out of control. I feel honored that people let me into their lives- to get to know ‘what makes them tick’, and to help them figure out what they can do to improve how they cope. I want my clients to feel valued and respected, even as we look deeply into things that they may feel embarrassed or ashamed about, and I want them to trust that I can help them deal with the hard stuff without judging them (even when I hold them accountable for their part in the issues). One important part of that trust is the respect I hold for their cultural background, life experience and identity. Therapy in my office can take the form of a deep and reflective conversation, learning specific skills for managing emotions/ habits/ relationships, using specialized techniques to relieve the pain of trauma, playing together with my child clients in a way that encourages them to explore their emotions and conflicts, or finding ways to manage issues in a family system. I work with a wide range of ages and extend a special welcome to kids, teens and parenting adults."

Child, Family, and Adult Psychotherapy

Amanda Wood, BSW, MSW Intern

"I have been with the practice since 2013. Since taking on the role of office manager and patient care coordinator with the MAT program, I have also completed my Bachelor of Social Work degree through Brescia University. I am currently working on obtaining my Master of Social Work degree and am providing intern services at our practice. I am grateful to work with such a cohesive team, dedicated to being in it for the long haul with our patients."

Office Manager, MAT coordinator, MSW Intern

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Cathy Kwiecinski, M.A., L.C.M.H.C.

Adult and Child Psychotherapy

Addictions Counseling

Sam Hollander, L.A.D.C.

"I have been practicing psychotherapy for over 30 years; While I am a licensed addiction counselor, I have also dealt extensively with all of the issues mentioned on this web page (click to open new window .

I believe therapy to be an art form, inasmuch as each person, couple or family has their own singular story, and their own needs; My job is to employ the best approach for that individual or family. I utilize metaphor and humor as tools to help re-frame a perspective or shed light on a troublesome concept, often helping clients look at a particular difficulty in a new way.

Being an LADC, or licensed addiction counselor makes me especially qualified to deal with all aspects of addiction, from treating the individual who suffers from addiction, as well as family members or others who are effected by it. I have performed many interventions as well.

Another specialty of mine is working with adolescents. Admittedly, they are a challenging population, but I have enjoyed working with them over many years. I maintain that adolescents are like Ferraris (0-60 in 3 seconds) but without brakes; I work to help teens develop them."

Adult Psychotherapy and

Couples Counseling

Jody Trombetta, LICSW

Rebecca Hunke, M.S., LCMHC, LADC

Adult Psychotherapy