Becoming a patient

Our practice sees medication as a support for therapy; not the other way around. We are not set up to take patients who are newly abstinent, with no “track record” of participation in recovery programs, persistence, and ability to tolerate some discomfort. We believe that every addict becomes a true EX-addict only through inner transformation.

All of our patients start out in at least weekly therapy. We accommodate working people and parents of small children when we can, but you need to be prepared to leave work during the day at least once a week. Some people deal with this by arranging to work a weekend day, an evening shift, or a long day, so as to have a “taking care of business day” in the work week.


Most of our patients are referred from primary care clinics, hospitals, or West Ridge and other rehabs. These facilities know us and try to select patients likely to be a good match.

 Our minimum requirements for self-referral are:

  • Release of information for all previous treatments. We collect records; if you are not accepted, we will shred these records.

  • Full disclosure of legal issues, release of information for a probation officer.

  • One month minimum clean urines- NO “STREET” SUBOXONE, NO MARIJUANA.